TRUST Minutes 15/08/2011

TRUST August Meeting Notes

Present : Adrian Luxton, Paul Kimberley Dave Jones, Pete Toolan, Alf Kimberley.

Apologies: Justin Clay, Andy Bates, Jeff Watson, Team Rawlings. Lee Chambers

1.Minutes from last meeting:

Market Stall: Arranged in Kingfisher centre, September 10th. AL to liaise with JS to finalise.

Leaflets : TRUST paid for and distributed 300 leaflets in the town centre with promotion for the Bromsgrove Sporting friendly.

Design a Badge: Has now changed to design a mascot. TRUST have placed ads in papers.

Winner gets family season ticket.

Reddit Meeting : No further news.

2. Treasurers Report: As of 7/8/2011 balance was £1318.39

3. Club shop report : Passed as Team Rawlings were away. See AOB.

4. Fundraising : Two events planned 80's disco August 27th. Halloween night October 29th. Posters have been paid for and distributed by TRUST publicising the 80's disco night, ads will appear in local papers the week before. Youth set up have been contacted with regards to attending and supporting.

5. Predictor: AL re-iterated the effort required to sell enough predictors per week to pay the majority of the £326 monthly repayments the TRUST sorted out to save the club. AL asked each member to sell at least 5 per week.



CS suggested he puts £1000.00 to stock club shop with new merchandise.
This was accepted as because of the loan,we do not have the funds to add to existing stock .
In return CS will keep first £500 profit, with balance split 50/50 between CS and TRUST.
DJ raised concerns as the shop has always been run by the supporters to aid away travel etc. Due to the loan commitments the offer was accepted.
The club has budgeted £450.00 per month from TRUST. This offer of £1000 is designed to reduce the shortfall as TRUST advised the club on three occasions we couldn't commit to £450.00 per month. DJ and AK raised concerns that the TRUST is independent from the club so should not appear on any budgets set out by the club.


The club suggested TRUST could have 10 places on away team coach. However if less than 10 supporters went, the club would still get £100.00 from TRUST. ie £10 per person. Although PK was confident of at least 10 people attending every away game, it was considered too much of a risk, so offer was declined.


PT arranged for article in papers with the club sending footballs and kit to the twin town of Mtwara. It is great TRUST profile awareness work by PT.
PT had also contacted local magazine ' Redditch Matters' with a view to putting an article about TRUST/RUFC in next issue.
TRUST confirmed its intention to buy medals for Schools Cup final in October.
PT to arrange with DL for old first team kit to be sent out to Mtwara if possible.


AL raised concerns re communication channels between TRUST and the board. With MF now no longer General Manager a vital link from TRUST to Board has gone. AL pointed out in the AGM ,DJ was voted by members of the TRUST to be the TRUST representative.

It was agreed to notify the board to liaise with DJ on matters regarding TRUST issues.

Finally AL passed on thanks to TRUST members who assisted with the Youth Team Tournament, on behalf of Jeff Sharp. Well done guys.

Meeting closed 9.00.Thanks to all members for input and attendance.
Next Meeting Monday 5th Sept 19.30HRS GMT