Present:Adrian Luxton, Paul Kimberley, Alf Kimberley, Roger Moore, Rachel Kimberley, Jeff Watson, Andy Bates, Ken Crickmore, Pete Toolan,
Guest: Mark Fenemore
Apologies: Dave Jones

Minutes from last meeting:

Regan & Jared Lowe: AL thanked MF and the club especially Dave Ralph ( who supplied two printed footballs) for making the day so special for the mascots. Thanks to RK who did a bucket collection at Half Time, raising £214.00 for the boys benevolent fund.

Youth - Trust Link

AL pointed out although the family day was a great success, TRUST events such as the recent Quiz nights aren’t supported by the Youth set up, ( with the exception of Darren and Clare). MF suggested attending another Youth team meeting to address this issue.

TRUST Website up and functioning, needs more input from members closer to the season.


Elected committee at AGM as follows:

Chairman - Steve Workman
Vice Chairman - Ade Luxton
Treasurer - Paul Kimberley
Away Travel - Justin Clay
Fundraising- Jeff Watson, Rachel Kimberley, Andy Bates
Membership- Lee Chambers
Board Reps- Dave Jones, Roger Moore

Financial Report

PK reported current funds at £ 1036.94.
Without any predictors in the close season it was pointed out the importance of members contributions.


JW suggested a list of about 20 possible ideas, all of which had value. The committee decided an 80’s themed disco in August and a Halloween disco in October. £3.00 tickets and £1.00 for kids for Halloween. With raffle and cards plus entrance we should clear £ 700.00 for the two events. AL stressed the importance of the Predictor next season, all members should aim to sell at least 5 per week. The predictor SHOULD cover the loan per month … if we sell it right, we can then concentrate in donating other funds towards the club.

Club Shop

SR is pricing up various items for the new season, with the kit being launched against Solihull it would be great to get all items in the shop by then.
PK acknowledged all the sterling work put in by JW and others in making the shop so impressive.


AL has priced up market stall for last week July first 2 weeks August, we need to ensure merchandise and fixture leaflets are available.
Reddit- SW has meeting in New York later this month to discuss possible links with a chief Redditor.
Chris is doing a sponsored bike ride for Cancer Research at the end of June, members decided to sponsor individually plus TRUST donate £50.00
SR suggested a TRUST page in programme..MF to investigate.
RK suggested a ‘ design a badge’ competition for the Advertiser/Standard for kids.
Winner gets season Ticket ( U 16’s) RK to implement.
KC advised The Crunsh had raised £ 100.66 to TRUST funds. The online shopping link can raise alot more funds..members were urged to purchase internet items through Crunsh.KC to e mail members with greater explanation of Crunsh. Good work by KC duly noted.
PT is liasing with Darren Lane to try and send used kit out to Africa. Any funding requirements PT to advise TRUST.
SR raised the issue of the supporters team having few actual supporters in it.
AL agreed this is a club issue and passed info onto MF.

Meeting closed ( with RM doing chicken impressions) @ 9.22 PM